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Sea story is the identical version as the existing sea story machine. Therefore, it can move in precisely the same way as the current sea story game and temporarily guide the principles of this sea story game, please refer to this enjoyable use — game advancement of this input coin. If the coin has been lost and hit by the starfish, the game is played in a manner that the lower part spins.

Jackpot (since the jackpot is attached because the beads will come out). Exactly the same amount, the picture is a match with 3 matches (e.g. 777, 222). Danta: A home run that is a one-time strike. The likelihood of winning one game vary depending upon the version, but there are 1/250 to 1/350 chances of S-classes like Yamato IIZF 496.5 / 1 and SE. Multi-hit: When the following home run is reserved as a consecutive home run, the odds of winning will probably be 10 times greater than one hit once it hits the home run. Reach two numbers, picture match when reel rotates down and up. A participant needs to be rich to be a home run.

Single Loaded It means a participant to be wealthy with one point, Double Rich means a participant to be wealthy with 2 lines (intersect with”X”), Normally,Normal Reach that proceeds to normal with no actions led, since it is a direct home run, the probability is low (1/15, 0.2% confidence), 릴게임: A Rich that is transformed to a more extreme Rich following the Rich starts.

SP Event can be obtained only on Weekends. After winning the SP, please contact us through 1: 1 inquiry. 1-day unlimited payment. The business can only deal with queries within 3 hours of being struck by the SP. This event is an unexpected event and will be held from July 15th until further notice. Please, note that -1: 1 question must be reached through the program.

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