A procurator fiscal Ms Jennifer Harrower in Perth

Procurator fiscals will be the public servants chartered as the area’s independent prosecutors, Solicitors or Advocates. Their central job would be to gather and appraise criminal reports by the police authorities and other representatives. While they examine the report, they must take into consideration whether it needs to proceed as a criminal degree together with the interest of the public in mind.

What’s the active participation of procurator fiscal like? They present cases in court to take offenders to justice. Procurator fiscal Perth appears in unexpected and unexplained deaths to know what happened and if the particular incident could be avoided. Their effort can help in cutting crime in Perth and also make sure it’s a safe place for people to live. Moreover, they also actively work for the Crown Office, police and Procurator Fiscal Service. To receive additional details on Phone number for procurator fiscal perth please go to

Any person who’d witnessed or is a victim of suspicions crimes can dial the Phone number for procurator fiscal Perth. Under solemn High Court process, once someone has been charged with an offense and remanded in custody, the Crown has to bring the case into a preliminary hearing over 110 days. The procurator fiscal has never been obliged to prosecute and choose the amount at which to prosecute, either through solemn or summary procedure.

Until 1987, the procurator fiscal’s discretion only extended to the degree to which they should prosecute if at all there were no alternatives to prosecution. The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act of 1987 gave the power to the procurator fiscal to provide fixed penalties which are a fiscal fine, as a substitute for prosecution.

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