Serigraphie printing solutions

Serigraphy or even serigraphie is really a sort of art finished with the printing process. The process employs a stencil to produce a print of layouts or images. It’s thought to have first originated in China. Stencils are used to publish designs on cloth using ink with the remaining part of the cloth included in means of a stencil that blocks excess ink. Now with the advancements within the area, serigraphie may be carried out on different materials and shapes.

The silk-screen — currently ready for Serigraphie with the application of Mylar and high-intensity light is prepared to print. Each tier of color is applied in layers before serigraph is intact. However, every coating of paint or ink must be permitted to dry thoroughly prior to creating the next layer. Hence, a maximum of two layers of color may be coatable each day. Nearly every 15 colors, the printmakers may send a proof to this artist to approve before continuing with the printing process. The result is a luminous, detailed art that is authentic to this artist’s original.

In competitive industries of luxury goods, the Serigraphie Company has managed to draw the alters the power to revive the people and renew the very concept of the press. It does an excellent job in understanding the needs of its customers finding the printing services acceptable to satisfy your own requests. Currently threads are being used in the screenprinting procedure. The mesh in general usage is of lace. You’ll find special-use net materials of nylon and stainless steel readily available into the screen-printer.To acquire additional information please check out

There is additionally Serigraphie which is in use for fine art print which will always have value. Superior quality prints produced by leading print making artists sell to tens of thousands of dollars for tens of thousands. This sort of art is quite valuable just.

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